Are There Any Risks Associated with IQOS

A new tobacco gadget, known as IQOS USA, can hardly be viewed as the smoking device that reduces disease risk compared with traditional cigarettes. But what exactly is so special about IQOS? How exactly does it work? Why did the FDA make this call?

Things to Know about IQOS

IQOS is known as a type of "heat-not-burn" tobacco product. It can be viewed as something in the middle between traditional cigarettes and vaping products. Its work is based on the use of disposable tobacco "sticks" that are heated to give off an aerosol, without the actual process of burning. Specifically, these tobacco sticks involve processed tobacco along with several other compounds, including water, glycerin, and cellulose fibers. To use IQOS, you need to put the sticks into a holder that heats the tobacco through an electronically administered "heating blade".

The tobacco in IQOS is heated up to a temperature of 350 degrees Celsius, which is more than enough to produce aerosol. What’s good is that the device is equipped with a portable charger to recharge the electronic holder whenever it is needed.

While IQOS doesn't burn tobacco, the product produces considerably lower levels of the harmful chemicals usually found in tobacco smoke. The company tends to distribute to the device with the claim that its use reduces the risk of tobacco-related disease. In other words, it is less harmful compared to the use of traditional cigarettes. However, the FDA panel has already rejected this statement. In fact, the IQOS Company hasn't provided enough evidence to prove that its product lowers disease risk compared with cigarettes. At the same time, the FDA panel approved the claim that IQOS releases lower levels of toxic chemicals compared with traditional cigarettes. Much more research needs to be conducted by independent researchers who are not related to the company to determine the full safety of the product. For now, the product broadens its geography by entering more and more local markets.

The Bottom Line

Even though IQOS has already been allowed in almost 50 countries all over the world, the situation with this product remains unclear due to the lack of evidence provided by the company itself. Thus, the society still has not developed a clear opinion of this product. Let’s hope, the market positioning of IQOS will be based on clear facts in the future prospects.

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