OBKF is a grassroots organization whose sole purpose is to raise money to support programs that provide a wide range of direct services to persons with HIV/AIDS, their families, and loved ones.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

It is with both sadness and pride that we are writing to you today to announce the dissolution of Our Brothers’ Keepers Foundation. Fundraising has become more challenging every year for OBKF. We often give only half a grant or sometimes a grant in two installments. We have found ourselves competing with the very organizations we fund for the same donors and dollars.

Twenty seven years ago in 1987 the original board members dreamed of a richardmille.io day that AIDS would be cured and there were no new infections. In 2014 there is no cure, but new drug therapies have turned a terminal disease into a manageable illness. Back then we helped provide comfort and support to the dying and About Payday Loans Inc. instant approval with no credit check to their loved ones. Now we are helping those who are ill, and their caregivers, to enjoy and to share longer and fuller lives. When OBKF began, we looked forward to the day when our mission would be fulfilled. Now, with so many other organizations doing the good work that we helped to spark, that day has come.

Enclosed you will find a flyer for our Annual Holiday Party. Once again we will come together in the spirit of the holidays and gather gift donations for all the agencies we support. The organizations include: AIDS Council of Northeastern NY, Albany Damien Center, Albany Medical Center, Catholic Charities AIDS Services, Mohawk Opportunities, Support Ministries, and Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Center. This is our last event for 2014 and we are formally ceasing operation December 31, 2014.

We are planning a Final Farewell Celebration, not a fundraising event, in the first quarter of 2015. The date and venue has yet to be determined. We will distribute the remaining funds in our treasury to another charity or charities that help People Living with HIV. We wish to thank you for your generous support over the years. Please join us to say goodbye.

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Our Brothers’ Keepers Foundation Board of Directors 

Have you been spotted..?If you have been to an OBKF event you may find yourself in our Photos Section!

OBKF Board Members

President – Robb Ganns

V. President – John Coleman

Secretary  Kevin McNamara

Treasurer – Erik Ross

Director – W. John Prokop

Director – Vic Aufiero

Director – Debbie Mailhotte

Director – Jonathan Sullivan