About OBKF

Our Brothers’ Keepers Foundation was a grassroots organization whose sole purpose was to raise money to support programs that provide a wide range of direct services to persons with HIV/AIDS, their families, and loved ones. Comprised of volunteers, the Foundation was incorporated with the New York State Department of State. Our administrative costs were limited to printing and postage expenses.

The Foundation raised money by sponsoring social events and by accepting voluntary contributions and memorials.

We made our mission known to various Community-Service Providers in the Greater Capital District. These agencies petitioned the Foundation for support of specified projects or client service needs, and they were accountable for any funds so awarded.  

Our requirements of these agencies were as follows:

  • Funds will directly benefit persons with HIV/AIDS, their families, and loved ones.
  • The funds provided will remain in the Greater Capital District.
  • The service being offered will add to the person’s quality of life.
  • The service or program is not available through a traditional funding stream, such as State Aid.

When the OBKF Board of Directors approved the grant, the agency or group submitted an expenditure report to the Foundation within 90 days of receiving the grant.